Dust Eater – Whirl 218 Series

Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner

50 Litre Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

At only 19kg it’s a high performance industrial vacuum cleaner with H13 filtration that maintains suction with fine dust. You can enjoy the reliability and simplicity of a cyclonic vacuum system built for managing even the most difficult waste from your production processes.

Changes from the Standard Hilton Dust Eater include  removing the heavy but solid aluminium filter casting and introducing a low weight stainless steel filter plate and new inlet in the drum itself.

Built for general cleaning duties where less continuous use is involved his smaller and lighter version of the Hilton Dust Eater maintains the same efficiencies but with a smaller capacity, a smaller motor and a lighter weight trolley.  

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for Fine Dust

Increased Productivity: Sustained suction, and unsurpassed cleaning capability with fine dusts, filings and other industrial wastes mean less mess, less downtime and a greater focus on your core activities.

Advanced A.F.P.T. Cyclone: Revolutionary Air Filter Path Technology creates centripetal particle pre-separation in a tuned cyclone. Geometric forces prevent build up and clogging of the with the H13 Filtration Multi-Sock filter section.

High Performance Design: An extra powerful 2HP, 3 stage motor, a tuned cyclonic action and highly engineered H13 Filtration Multi-Sock filter system make it easy to handle the following materials:

  • Coating Compounds
  • Concrete
  • Rockwall / Gibs
  • MDF / Woods
  • Fiberglass
  • Composites
  • Flour / Starch
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Paper & Plastic

The Dust Eater comes with:

  • 1x 38mm 10 meter hose and cuffs
  • 1x 38mm stainless steel wand
  • 1x 38mm floor tool
  • 1x 38mm dusting brush
  • 1x 38mm crevice tool

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